No Dosen Judul Artikel Tahun
1 Dr. Soni Darmawan Impact of Topography and Tidal Height on ALOS PALSAR
Polarimetric Measurements to Estimate Aboveground Biomass
of Mangrove Forest in Indonesia
2 Meilinda Nurbanasari, Ir., MT., Ph.D. Microstruktural evolution of Heat-treated H23 tool steel 2015
3 Meilinda Nurbanasari, Ir., MT., Ph.D. In-Situ Darmage Assessment On Supporting Structure Of Coal Conveyor 2015
4 Jasman Pardede, S.Si., MT. Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network For Reduction of Noise and Estimation of Source from Recorder Eeg Signals 2015
5 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN Ph.D. Thermodynamic Efficiency of Solar Photovoltaic Modules 2015
6 Dr. WALUYO MT. Miniature Prototype Desaign and Implementation of Modifed Tiplier Circuit DC Hight Voltage Generator 2015
7 Drs. ANDRY M.Sn. Visual Newness Value of Craft Products for Indonesian Public 2015
8 CHANDRA ADE IRAWAN ST., MT. Aggregation and Non Aggregation Techniques For Large Facility Location Problem – A survey 2015
9 CHANDRA ADE IRAWAN ST., MT. A quadtree-based allocation method for a class of large discrete Euclidean location problems 2015
10 JASMAN PARDEDE S.Si., M.T. Comparison Of VSM, GVSM, and LSI In Information Retrieval forIndonesian Text 2015
11 CHANDRA ADE IRAWAN ST., MT. Hybrid meta-heuristics with VNS and exact methods: application to large unconditional and conditional vertex p-centre problems 2015
12 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D A Study Carbide Precipitation In A H21 Tool Steel 2014
13 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D Cementite Precipitation of a H21 Tool Steek after Hot Compression and Double Temper 2014
14 Dr. Soni Darmawan, ST., MT Characterization of mangrove forest types based on ALOS-PALSAR in overall Indonesian archipelago. 2014
15 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D Crack of A First Stage Blade in A Steam Turbine 2014
16 ST. HENDI HANDIAN RACHMAT MT. Generating Finite Element Models of The Knee: How Accurately Can We Determine Ligament Attachment Sites From MRI Scans? 2014
17 ST. HENDI HANDIAN RACHMAT MT. Geometrical Evaluation of the MRI-Based and CT-Based 3D Knee Bones Model to Optimize an ACL Reconstruction 2014
18 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN Ph.D., Identification of Model Parameters of The Photovoltaic Solar Cells 2014
19 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D Investigation of Leakage on Water Wall Tube in a 660 MW Supercritical Boiler 2014
20 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D On The Solidification of A H23 Tool Steel 2014
21 AGUS SAPTORO ST., MT. Oxygen Transfer to Cassava Starch Solutions In An Aerated, Well-Mixed Bioreactor: Experimental and Mass Transfer Studies 2014
22 Dr. Soni Darmawan, ST., MT Seasonal analysis of precipitation, drought and vegetation index in Indonesian paddy field based on remote sensing data 2014
23 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D Solidification Behavior of a H21 Tool Steel 2014
24 AGUS SAPTORO ST., MT. State of the Art the Development of Adaptive Soft Sensor Based on Just-in-Time Models 2014
25 RINY YOLANDHA PARAPAT ST.,MT. Support effect in the preparation of supported metal catalysts via microemulsion 2014
26 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT., Ph.D. The Breakdown of Carbide network in a H23 Tool Steel by Hot Axisymetric Compression 2014
27 JASMAN PARDEDE S.Si., M.T. Adaptive Recurrent Neural Network For Reduction Of Noise and Estimation Of Soure From Recorded Eeg Signals 2014
28 CHANDRA ADE IRAWAN ST., MT An adaptive multiphase approach for large unconditional and conditional p-median problems 2014
29 IWAN JUWANA S.T., MEM., Ph.D Application of West Java Water Sustainability Index to Citarum Catchment in West Java Indonesia


30 Dr. Ir. KUSMANINGRUM SOEMADI MT. Optimal Overhaul-Replacement Policies For a Repairable Machine Sold with Warranty 2014
31 Dr. Ir. Dewi Kania Sari, M.T. Estimation of Water Consumption of Lowland Rice in Tropical Area based on Heterogeneous Cropping Calender Using Remote Sensing Technology (Dewi Kania Saria, I.H. Ismullahb, W.N. Sulasdib, A.B. Hartob) 2013
32 Agus Saptoro, ST., MT., Ph.D Mass Transfer Coefficient and Correlation Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Of Sarawak Black Pepper (Lin, T.M., Ping, T.S., Saptoro, A., Freddie, P) 2013
33 Arif Imran, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D. Solution of Classical Transport Problems With Bee Algoritma (Gomez, A., Imran, A., Salhi, S.) 2013
34 Yulianti Pratama, ST., MT. Pineapple Fruit Waste Utilization as Edible Paper Application (Pratama Y.; Salafudin; Kartasasmita E. H.) 2013
35  JASMAN PARDEDE S.Si., M.T.   0426097801 P300 Detection Using a Multilayer Neural Network Classifier Based on Adaptive Feature Extarction (Arjon Turnip, Sutrisno Salomo Hutagalung, Jasman Pardede, Demi Soetraprawata) 2013
36 Arif Imran, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D.  0418037001 The multi-depot vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous vehicle fleet: Formulation and a variable neighborhood search implementation (Salhi, S. ,Imran, A., Wassan, N.A.) 2013
37 Ir. MEILINDA NURBANASARI MT. ,   0409056902 Influence of high temperature deformation and double tempering on the microstructure of a H21 tool steel (Nurbanasari, M., Tsakiropoulos, P., Palmiere, E.J.) 2013
38 AGUS SAPTORO ST., MT.  0413117801 Influences of Indonesian coals on the performance of a coal-fired power plant with an integrated post combustion CO2 removal system: A comparative simulation study (Saptoro, A.,  Huo, K.C.) 2013
39 Dr. INDRA NOER HAMDHAN S.T, M.T Finite Element Method-Based Analysis of an Unsaturated Soil Slope Subjected to Rainfall Infiltration 2013
40 Dr.rer.nat RINY YOLANDHA PARAPAT ST, MT, MSc.MT Particle shape optimization by changing from an isotropic to an anisotropic nanostructure: Preparation of highly active and stable supported Pt catalysts in microemulsions 2013
41 CHANDRA ADE IRAWAN ST., MT. Solving large p-median problems by a multistage hybrid approach using demand points aggregation and variable neighbourhood search 2013
42 ST. HENDI HANDIAN RACHMAT MT. Force Dependent six Dof Model of The Intact Knee for The Anybody Modeling System (Erik Dijkstra,
Nico Verdonschot, Hendi Rachmat,
Bart Koopman)
43 ST. HENDI HANDIAN RACHMAT MT. Material Properties of The Human Posterior Knee Capsule (H.H. Rachmat, Dennis Janssen, Tony van Tienen, R.L. Diercks, Bart Verkerke, Nico Verdonschot) 2012
44 RINY YOLANDHA PARAPAT ST.,MT. A new method to synthesize very active and stable supported metal Pt catalysts: thermo-destabilization of microemulsions (Riny Y. Parapat, Veronica Parwoto, Michael Schwarze, Bingsen Zhang, Dang Sheng Sub and   Reinhard Schomäcker) 2012
45 RACHMAWATI SUGIHARTATI DJEMBAR M.Env.Stud. The removal of copper in water using manganese activated saturated and unsaturated sand filters (Chedly Tizaoui, Sugihhartati Dj Rachmawati, Nidal Hilal) 2012
46 AGUS SAPTORO ST., MT. Extended and Unscented Kalman Filters for Artificial Neural Network Modelling of a Nonlinear Dynamical System (Saptoro, A.) 2012
47 AGUS SAPTORO ST., MT. A Modified Kennard-Stone Algorithm for Optimal Division of Data for Developing Artificial Neural Network Models (Saptoro, A., Tadé, M.O., Vuthaluru, H.) 2012
48 YULIANTI PRATAMA ST., MT. Integrated Medical Waste Management by Dynamics System Apporoach (Y. Pratama,T.P. Damanhuri) 2012
49 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. Availability of the photovoltaic modules in view of photonic energy (Dani Rusirawan, Farkas, I.) 2012
50 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. Spectral irradiance effects on exergetic performances of photovoltaic module: initial study (Dani Rusirawan) 2012
51 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. Thermodynamic efficiencies of solar photovoltaic modules (Dani Rusirawan) 2012
52 Dr.techn. INDRA NOER HAMDHAN ST.,MT. Finite Element Method Based Analysis of an Unsaturated Soil Slope Subjected to Rainfall Infiltration (I. N. Hamdhan1 and H. F. Schweiger) 2012
53 Dr. WALUYO MT. Surface Discharges Current Pattern Properties of Porcelain Unsulator Specimen on Various Pressures (WALUYO – , SINISUKA N.I. , SUWARNO – , DJAUHARI M.A) 2011
54 Ir. MAYA RAMADIANTI MUSADI M.T., Ph.D. Carbon-Neutral Gasoline Re-Synthesised From on-Board Sequastrated Co2 (Musadi, M.R., Martin, P., Garforth, A., Mann, R.) 2011
55 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. Characterizations based an experimental of two photovoltaic module technologies (Dani Rusirawan) 2011
56 S.T. IRFAN HILMY M.T., Ph.D. Damage parameters of adhesive joints with general triaxiality Part 1 finite element analysis (M. M. Abdel Wahaba,, Hilmy, I. A. Ashcroftc & A. D.) 2011
57 S.T. IRFAN HILMY M.T., Ph.D. Damage Parameters of Adhesive Joints with General Triaxiality Part 2: Scarf Joint Analysis (M. M. Abdel Wahab, Hilmy, I. A. Ashcroftc & A. D.) 2011
58 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. Simulation of electrical characteristics of polycrystalline and amorphous PV modules (Dani RUSIRAWAN, István FARKAS) 2011
59 ST. DANI RUSIRAWAN MT. The photovoltaic modules performance based on exergy assessment (Dani Rusirawan, Istvan Farkas ) 2011
60 Dr. EMMA AKMALAH ST., MT. Jakarta Floding : Systems Study Of Socio-Technical Forces (Akmalah, E. Grigg, N.S.) 2011